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The team here at Freeman Daily is a gathering of free-thinking, patriotic journalists who are passionate about reporting with integrity and standing up for American Constitutional rights. Like you, we don’t take our freedoms for granted. And, like you, we’re willing to fight for them every single day.

We use journalism to stand up for our right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Because online censorship and cancel culture are rampant today, it’s crucial that patriots establish outposts of free-thinking, free-speaking expression. The ability to write, think, or speak our truths and our values is something we must never allow to be taken away from us. That is why our team presses forward.

Your time is valuable, and we know how important it is for all of us to have reliable information at our fingertips. That’s what we promise to bring you here at Freeman Daily. When you read news stories from us, you’ll get the truth–the result of hours spent scouring the internet for news. Our team wades through the muck of mainstream news so you don’t have to, bringing the truth to the surface so we can share it with you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go. You need news you can access that protects the right to free speech, and an outlet that isn’t afraid to stand up against mainstream censors and cancel culture. We know how important it is for you to have important headlines that impact our American freedoms, right at your fingertips. And that’s what we’ll strive to give you.

Our team appreciates the time you spend with us each week, keeping up with the headlines and standing together for truth. We value the trust you put in us, and recognize that–in this day and age–that trust is fragile. Let us walk alongside you on this journey to greater freedom and prosperity as Americans. We will fight with you to protect our Constitution through fair journalism, each and every day.

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